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Poker is a traditional game of cards, played in over hundreds of variations across the globe. Though many people call poker a game of chance it is, in fact a game of skill. Thus, before you sit down for your first online poker game, make sure you nail the basics first.

Like most casino games, the objective of poker is to win the pot i.e. the collection of all bets made by players on the table. There are two basic ways to win a hand of poker – first, to have the highest ranking hand than anyone else at the table and second, to bluff everyone into believing that you have the winning hand and make them fold.

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Although poker is available in several varieties, its basic format remains pretty much the same:

1. There is a central pot where all the players make a contribution in form of chips representing real money.
2. Each player is dealt the same number of cards (usually five), either concealed or face up.
3. All players place there bets depending on the strength of their poker hand.
4. Once all the bets are down, the player with the highest ranking hand or the last player standing wins the pot.

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