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Keno, a Chinese cousin of bingo, is a highly sought-after game with mechanisms similar to those of lotto. In keno, the numbers are randomly drawn out of an automated number generator, exactly the way they are called in bingo. But, much like lotto, a keno player gets the chance to choose anywhere from 1 to 20 numbers out of 80 numbers available on the card.

Hugely popular and controversial, keno is said to have the most terrible winning odds as compared to any other casino game. The chance of hitting one number in 80 is just 0.25%. Online keno is a bingo type game where pen and paper are replaced with mouse and computer screen. To play, the players select their numbers by simply clicking on them. Once the player chooses which numbers he wishes to bet on, 20 numbers are randomly drawn out from a set of 80 numbers. With keno one can make large winnings, even when placing a small bet as low as 5 cents. Although, there are some casinos that don’t accept bets less than $1.


To win in keno, one has to match as many ‘spots’ or numbers as possible on one ticket. The eventual winning amount depends on the total number of ‘spots’ matched. While playing keno, even a $1 wager with a few right numbers can make you win as much as $50000.
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