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How To Win At Online Bingo?

Most of us believe that online bingo is entirely a game of chance that has nothing to do with logic and calculations. While some bingo players attribute their win to their lucky t-shirt or a four-leaf clover good luck charm, which they always carry in their wallet, others put it on their lucky numbers. But, in fact, winning online bingo is much more than good luck charms or other superstitions. Researches prove that a lot of mathematical strategies, if applied appropriately, may help you win a lot of cash at online bingo.

Selection of proper bingo cards is one of the most important strategies that insure better winnings in online bingo. Most of us wrongly believe, the more the cards, the better the chances of winning the game. This may not be entirely wrong; but this just doesn’t work for everyone. Even a single card, if carefully selected, can earn you huge cash, which even hundreds of wrongly chosen cards put together won’t.

All bingo games are based on the law of probability. If you’ve studied mathematics in your high school, you will know what I’m talking about. Bingo is all about numbers. Play on the right numbers and make more money. Talking of the law of probability in bingo, or 75 ball bingo to be precise, each player has a one in 75 chance of winning the game. Without getting into the complicated permutations and combinations, let’s understand it in a simple way. In 75 ball bingo, each number has 1 in 75 odds of being drawn first. Moreover, there are as many chances of picking even numbers as there are of picking odd ones, because in 1 to 75 there are as many odd numbers as even. Plus, there are as many big numbers above 38 as there are small numbers below it. Each time a number is drawn, the odds change.

Let’s suppose, 20 numbers have been picked so far, out of which 6 are odd and 14 are even. Since more even numbers have been drawn till now, there are less of them left to choose from. Therefore, likelihoods are the next number drawn is an odd number. According to this law, you must select cards that have an equal proportion of ‘high and low’ and ‘even and odd’ numbers.

You’re also advised not to choose a card with numbers that has same ending digits. For example, don’t select a card that has numbers like 13, 33, 43, 53 etc. If the law of probability is to be believed, these numbers will not make up a winning card. In other words, choose a card that contains as many high numbers as low numbers under each column. This will give you more random variety of numbers, thus, better odds of winning.

Now, as stated earlier, most people believe that the more the cards they play, the better are their chances of winning. This is indeed another smart strategy, although not always a winning one, but still very much effective. Your chances of winning definately improves with the number of cards you play. However, to the downside, playing with too many cards at a time makes it difficult to manage them. As a result, you may end up losing track of your numbers or the winning combination. If you want to play safe, we recommend you to play only 4-5 bingo cards at a time. Also, try to look for the games that have few cards and few players.

For those who like to play bingo for fun, this theory might just not make any sense, but if you’re really looking forward to some serious winnings, this is the key!

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