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Canadians dote on bingo as much as they dote on maple syrup. That’s why almost every town in Canada has a bingo hall or a two. In fact, in Canada, bingo is used as fundraisers for churches and other charities, and is played by children in schools too.

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However, ever since, internet has forayed into common man’s life, the trend of playing bingo in traditional halls in on a constant decline everywhere, including Canada. Online Bingo is the latest catchphrase among bingo lovers in Canada. There are literally millions of online bingo sites offering every possible sort of bingo games to players sitting at home. Most, if not all of these sites permit Canadian players to play with them and that too in their own currency.

Canadian online bingo is gaining popularity even faster than it did in USA or UK. So, for those who like to play in Canadian dollars, we have good news! Come play at our partner bingo site They have some really cool offer lined up especially for the Canadian online bingo players.

Not from Canada? Don’t worry! Drop in at our site just to get a flavor of the Canadian bingo online. After all, online bingo is all about socializing with people from all corners of world. Isn’t it?

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