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An Overview of Blackout Bingo

Of all the bingo patterns known, coverall or blackout bingo is perhaps one of the most engrossing and thrilling bingo pattern ever played! As the name suggests, the aim of coverall bingo is to mark off all 24 numbers from your card within a predetermined number of calls.

Blackout bingo pattern is purposely made to extend the duration of a regular bingo game, making it an even more adventurous affair packed with nerve-racking moments of anticipation and joy. Unlike regular bingo, where any 5 numbers in a row gets you bingo, blackout pattern requires you to cover all 24 numbers on the card to be declared a winner. Anyone who marks off all the numbers on his or her bingo card first wins the jackpot. The game does seem a little drawn out at times, but the eventual excitement of winning makes the entire slog worthwhile.

Winning blackout bingo may seem easy on the surface, but it really isn’t. If you want to survive in the game, you must have the luck of Irish on your side that day. Covering all 24 spots within first 40-50 calls is far from simple. Generally all blackout bingo games are winded up within the 40-50 or maximum 60 calls (depending upon the number of players in the game). This makes it an all the more exhilarating experience. If there is no winner within that preset number of calls, the size of jackpot will reduce considerably or there will be no jackpot at all.

As the player has to cover all 24 numbers on the card, he or she must pay unswerving attention to the numbers being drawn. Even one missed number can spoil your chance of winning the game. Agreed that the game is bit complex but, at the same time, it ensures high level of engagement and excitement all the way through.
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