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Bingo Bling

Wager cents to win dollars!

The cent pattern plays every half-an-hour with $25 guaranteed jackpot. Play all the cent patterns to win an extra $10 by the end of the day.

When Where Prize Money Top Ups Time
Every day USA Mixed Room $25 Guaranteed Jackpot 10BBs Daily Every 30 Mins


Play it every hour and win $50 guaranteed jackpot on the Checkerboard Pattern. Be the first one to shout checkmate on winning a bingo and get 5BBs.

When Where Prize Money Time Top Ups
Friday, Saturday, Sunday USA Mixed Room $50 Guaranteed Jackpots Once Every Hour 10 BBs to 'Checkmate' the bingo!

What's Outside Bingo?

Bingo on this pattern to win $30 jackpots and anything from Free BBs/Free Bonuses/Free Tickets/Free Gifts! Just ask your CM.

When Where Prize Money Time  
Every day USA Mixed Room $30 Guaranteed Jackpots 8 AM to 10 AM
5 PM to 11 PM

A $735 Vegas Vault!

The $735 Las Vegas vault multiplies every weekend on 123BingoOnline. Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday bingo in the Green Room bingo on the Las Vegas Pattern and win $75 Guaranteed pots. What's more, the jackpot will will keep growing by $10 with each game being played every hour.

Blackjack Bingo Bonus!

Bingo on the Ace pattern to win $100 Guaranteed!

And bingo on the Jack pattern and win guaranteed $50.

Play Bingo Online

All this month we're celebrating the dawn of Online Bingo! So play this exclusive Play Bingo Online Pattern and take home guaranteed pots worth $150 each. Plus, a chance to win extra BBs each day:

Bingo on the Play Bingo Online Pattern within 20 calls and Win 30 BBs + 3 point.
Bingo on the Play Bingo Online Pattern within 25 calls and Win 20 BBs + 2 points.
Bingo on the Play Bingo Online Pattern within 30 calls and Win 10 BBs + 1 points.

Royal Flush Bingo!

If you have a passion for poker, you must give this game a shot. Bingo on Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten Patterns and create the maximum Royal Flush hands to win our special bingo prize.

Bingo on the Ace pattern to win guaranteed $100.

Bingo on the King pattern to win guaranteed $80.

Bingo on the Queen pattern to win guaranteed $70.

Bingo on the Jack pattern to win guaranteed $60

Bingo on the Ten pattern to win guaranteed $50.


Play this mighty mix of slots and bingo and win guaranteed pots of worth $400 daily.

If you bingo on the multiples of 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 and 70 you get and equivalent bonus.

The slots pattern will play 4 times everyday at an interval of 6 hours in the Red Room.

A Ditto Deal!

Play 90 ball bingo in the ruby room everyday from 7pm to 9 pm and win huge prizes! Whether its a single line, double or a full house, each of them promise you $30 guaranteed.

Cash-in Casino Chips!

Play bingo in our 90 Ball Ruby room to win bountiful prizes:

The CM will hail your...

One line win with a reward of $10 and a chip*.
Two line win with a reward of $20 and 2 chips*.
Full house win with a reward of $30 and 3 chips*.

Every chip has a hidden bonus play more earn more.

Bingo Progressive Jackpots

Hit big in one shot! Try out the handsome progressive jackpots in our bingo rooms!

Play in our Nickel and Quarter rooms and hit tremendous jackpots of up to $2,000.
Rooms Progressive Jackpot Timings (EST)
Green Room $2,000.00 All Day
Red Room $1,000.00 All Day


Bingo Babble

Jacks or Better

Win 3 BBs every time you bingo on the number 10 or more!

When Where Time
Weekdays, Mondays to Thursdays USA Mixed Room 8 PM to 10 PM

Pray for 9!

The last digit of your bingo win decides what you win for BBs! For example, if you win $24 in the game, you get 4 BBs from the CM! In the case of wins ending with 0, the first digit will determine your BBs!

When Where Time
Weekends, Friday to Sunday USA Mixed Room 8 PM to 10 PM

Casino Club

Weekly Slots Championships

To win up to $300 in cash and 300 in BBs every week, follow this Slots-cycle:

Week 1 Slots Tourney: September 2 to September 8
Week 2 Slots Tourney: September 9 to September 15
Week 3 Slots Tourney: September 16 to September 22
Week 4 Slots Tourney: September 23 to September 29

Players to wager the most will win:

1st Place: $150 Cash + 200 BBs
2nd Place: $100 Cash + 150 BBs
3rd Place: $50 Cash + 100 BBs

Weekend Blackjack Bash

Blackjack tourneys play exclusively on weekends, from September 6 to September 29. Mark these dates on your calender:

Round I: September 6, 7, 8
Round II: September 13, 14, 15
Round III: September 20, 21, 22
Round IV: September 27, 28, 29

And the stakes for the top 3 players with total sum of wins are:

1st Prize: $200 + 200 BBs
2nd Prize: $150 + 150 BBs
3rd Prize: $100 + 100 BBs

Deposit Bargains

Find Deposit Bonuses, Cash Raffles and Bingo Bucks in XL sizes!

Birthday Bouquet

Get 5 free cards and 10 BBs on your birthday. Just contact live help a day in advance.

King-sized Weekly Cash Raffles

Meet the minimum deposit requirement of the day and you will be in for the BingoFlash's daily cash raffle. Follow the weekly schedule to plan your wins accordingly.

Day of the Week Prize Amount Min. Deposit
Monday $600.00 $55.00
Tuesday $600.00 $55.00
Wednesday $500.00 $50.00
Thursday $500.00 $50.00
Friday $555.00 $55.00
Saturday $555.00 $55.00
Sunday $555.00 $55.00

Free-flowing Weekly Bonuses

Each day of the week, one lucky player to deposit $50 or more will win an EXTRA bonus:

Day Bonus No of Winners
Monday 150% 1
Tuesday 100% 2
Wednesday 150% 1
Thursday 150% 2
Friday 250% 1
Saturday 200% 2
Sunday 200% 1
  • All the above guaranteed pattern games play in the Special Mixed Room.
  • All times shown here are in Eastern Time (USA East Coast)
    GMT + five hours / European time + six hours

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