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Different Online Bingo Patterns

Online Bingo is popular not just for its ease, but also for the variety of patterns if offer. Unique bingo patterns add more fun to any ordinary game of bingo. As compared to 90ball bingo, 75 ball bingo offers more flexibility when it comes to experimenting with patterns. In 75 ball bingo a lot of possible patterns can be played. In fact, on some bingo cards the patterns are already highlighted.

Basically these patterns can be classified into three types:

1. Static bingo patterns: Also called standard bingo patterns, these patterns cannot be shifted on the card. To win, you must cover every square of the pattern that is highlighted on the card.

2. Crazy bingo patterns: as the name suggests, crazy bingo patterns are not static and can be rotated in the multiples of 90 degree i.e. by 90°, 180° or 270°.

3. Wild bingo patterns: these are scattered patterns which can be located anywhere on the card. However, the pattern itself remains static, only its position on the card can be changed.

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