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Bingo Luck and Superstitions

Online Bingo is a big industry where people spend millions of dollars each year. Ask any online bingo player and he would vouch for the fun and winnings offered by the online bingo sites. Online bingo games have always been known for the unmatched thrill they offer and we can’t agree more.

Who doesn’t like to win? Of course, everyone does! And when we talk about victory that involves lots of cash and where the games are dictated by pure luck, players would resort to anything superstitious to bring luck on their side. Perhaps, this was how lucky charms were discovered. Most people believe that the good luck charms they carry possess the power to turn luck into their favour to get those winning streaks and consequently lots of cash.

Those who don’t really believe in luck, completely ridicules the idea of carrying good luck charms to bingo. But for an avid bingo player, carrying a lucky charm is half the battle. You can act calculative or logical to beat the odds in other games, but when it comes to bingo, all logics fail.

bingo lucky charms

A lucky charm can be anything that strikes your fancy. From belts, shoes to wearing only one earring, superstitious bingo players would do anything to ensure good luck. Sometimes players invent their own good luck charms - a particular shirt, a pair of socks, a dauber, or may be the colour of clothes that they were wearing on the day they won a jackpot. Many people consider other people as their lucky charms. You’ll find a lot of people taking their kids, grand parents and even their pets to bingo halls when there are any special sessions.

Those who believe in fate or luck and all that, dwell into believing that they can’t win unless they carry their lucky charm or complete a particular ritual they consider auspicious. Whether lucky charms in fact actually work or not does not matter. What matters is that they at least add excitement to the game.

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