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All bingo halls, whether online or land based, outlines a certain code of behavior, which players must follow. Below is a list of bingo hall rules that applies universally:

• Its player’s duty to ensure that he/she is carrying all the necessary items before entering the bingo hall.

• Bingo halls will make no reimbursement for any specials which have not been played during the game hours.

• After the first regular game, no missing bingo specials, birds etc. will be replaced by the bingo hall.

• Bingo must be called on the last number called. Once the caller has closed the game, no missed bingos will be entertained.

• Shout bingo the moment your winning number is out. Its your responsibility to stop the game whenever you hit a bingo.

• It would be too late to call bingo if the caller has already started announcing the next ball.

• Make sure you keep the receipt in front of you all the time.

• No player below 18 years of age is eligible to play bingo. You must be 18 years of age or above to gain entry into any bingo hall.

• No one can join game in the middle or once the first number has been announced.

• Don’t tear the paper specials in half.

• Carry-ins are a strict no no.

• Alcoholic beverages are not allowed.

• Familiarize yourself with all exits in the bingo hall premises.

Play Bingo in Halls
Bingo halls can retain all winning tickets and publicize winners, if they so desire. The rules mentioned here are the most common ones, which are followed almost everywhere. As bingo halls keep changing their rules from time to time, make sure that you check them all before getting down to play.

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