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Bingo games become very populer across the world .When it comes to variety, nothing comes close to bingo. Mainly there are two popular versions of bingo played around the world. One is 75-ball bingo, which is highly popular amid North-American populace and the other is 90-ball bingo which is played in parts of UK.

75-ball bingo is essentially played on a 5x5 grid card with columns labeled B-I-N-G-O and centermost square marked FREE. Each card has 24 numbers chosen at random within the range of 1 to 75. The numbers for B column may range from 1 to15, I column from 16 to 30, N column from 31 to 45, G column from 46 to 60 and O column from 61 to 75.

In 75 ball bingo, there are no fixed winning patterns. It includes almost everything from letters of the alphabet like T, X, H or O, numbers and even shapes such as diamonds or flowers to several linear patterns and last but not least - the Coverall (means to cover the complete card).

On the other hand, 90-ball bingo is played on a 9x3 grid card, wherein each horizontal row contains five random numbers from 1 to 90, totaling to 15 random numbers per card. The 1st column includes numbers from 1 to 9, second column from 10 to19 and so on till the last column which carry numbers from 81-90. A typical 90-ball bingo game has three winning patterns – one horizontal line, two horizontal lines or three horizontal lines, also known as Full House. Each pattern has a different prize. Anyone who gets a full house wins the biggest prize.

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