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Play Online 80 Ball Bingo Game

80 ball bingo is the latest bingo variation that has taken both traditional and online bingo industry by storm. A new game that not only offers something new to players, but also keeps them hooked to the site for long. With unique format and vast variety of new patterns to play, 80 ball bingo offers all the excitement one could ask for. If you’re tired of playing traditional bingo games, this relatively new edition to bingo is definitely the change you need.

80 ball bingo is a perfect harmony between 90 ball and 75 ball bingo. When 90 balls look too much and 75 balls are scanty for you, try out this all new version of bingo. A lot of bingo operators are now adding 80 ball bingo on their sites. is one such site that’s now offering 80 ball bingo, along with 75 and 90 ball bingo plus several casino and side games.

What’s that differentiate 80 ball bingo from its traditional counterparts is the speed. Unlike 75 ball bingo card, which has 25 squares, an 80 ball bingo card has only 16 squares arranged in 4 rows and 4 columns. Each column is highlighted with a different colour (red, yellow, blue, and silver are used most often).

Apart from providing an altogether different bingo experience, 80 ball bingo offers an exciting variety in terms of game patterns. Some of the most common 80 ball bingo game patterns include the classic 80 Full Card, diagonal line, horizontal line, vertical line, big X, four corners, and centre square.

The trend of 80 ball bingo is definitely catching on and if you to want to try your hand at it, just log on to VirtualBingo and start playing!

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