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75-ball bingo is one of the most popular bingo in America. Also acknowledged as ‘Pattern’ bingo, 75 ball bingo has evolved into numerous variations over the years, especially after the advent of internet.

A 75 ball bingo card has 25 squares arranged in five vertical columns and 5 horizontal rows that bears 24 numbers between 1 to 75 with center square marked ‘free’. Every card has letters B, I, N, G and O displayed on the top of the card. B column contain numbers between 1 to 15, I between 16 to 30, N between 31 to 45, G between 46 to 60 and O between 61 to 75.

With a huge variety of patterns to choose from, 75 ball bingo offers a lot more variation than a 90 ball version. Its unique layout makes it appropriate for almost an infinite number of pattern possibilities. From interesting shapes like diamond, flower, kite and alphabets such as A, T, O etc. to numbers like 4 or 7, this game offers some of the most creative patterns to play. Generally, each game has a distinct winning pattern, which is announced before the game begins.

As the game starts, numbers like B-5, N-35 or O-72 are drawn out at random. In order to win a 75 ball bingo, the player has to complete the ‘specific’ pattern. The game continues, until one player completes the designated pattern and calls bingo.

A regular bingo game, on the other hand, can be won in three ways. Anyone who marks off five numbers in either in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line wins the game. These are the basic patterns, however, in the recent times a lot of fun patterns have been added to 75-ball bingo to make it even more exciting. Coverall pattern is perhaps the most popular of them all. With higher jackpot value than other games, coverall bingo is called within the first 40 draws. If nobody wins the coverall prize in first 40 draws, the jackpot reduces considerably.

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